Gas Types

Fire Table 1
There are two types of Brightstar Burner™ available, one for Natural Gas, the other for LPG Bottled Gas. (Note, they are NOT interchangeable, so the gas type must be specified at the time of ordering)

Natural Gas Burners would need to be connected permanently to the house mains supply by a Gas Safety Engineer. This would require running an underground gas pipe from under the burner control box, back to a connection inside the house, preferably near the main meter. An isolator valve inside the house is recommended so the FirePit cannot be operated by anyone unauthorised, such as unsupervised children, or perhaps your neighbours (while you’re away on holiday!)

LPG Gas Burners will work with either Propane or Butane. However, we recommend Propane as this will work all year round, whereas Butane will only work in warmer weather.