Gas FirePit Maintenance and Servicing

General Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Servicing

General Maintenance

  • Ensure the Burner area is kept clean and clear of dirt and especially anything combustible.
  • Ensure the Air Vents at the base of your pit are clear at all times.
  • Its recommended the FirePit is covered when not being used, to keep the rain from blocking the burner jets.
  • The lava rocks might eventually show signs of soot, which will not harm the rocks, but could build up and block the burner jets. Simply remove the rocks and wash and scrub with a stiff brush to remove the soot.
  • If you haven’t used the FirePit for some time, it might attract spiders and other insects. It’s recommended you remove the lava rocks. Clear the burner area of anything that doesn’t belong and then replace the lava rocks.
  • The control box and valve lever can be cleaned with a suitable stainless steel cleaning product.
  • For LPG models connected to a bottle, regularly check the condition of the hose and replace if necessary.


    • Regularly follow the general maintenance procedures above.
    • Sometimes some of the burner jets can become blocked, from soot, or dust from the lava rock.
    • After removing the lava rock, light the burner, and ensure all jets are clear. If not, they can be cleared with a pin, or paperclip. (Turn the burner off before trying to unblock the jet)
    • Sometimes the piezo button can stick. This can be lubricated with WD40.
    • If you cannot get your burner to light, this can be caused by a number of situations. Please consult the troubleshooting guide which will help to identify the cause of the problem, so it can be fixed.
    • Spare parts can be purchased individually, or we offer a service kit.