GasTechnical Specifications

Information for Gas Engineers and installers

Gas Installer Certification

All gas engineers know that a gas barbecue requires a ‘leisure’ certificate, however our products are NOT barbecues. The following is taken directly from the gas safe register…

Fire/Space Heater:    This covers Gas Fires, Wall Heaters, Convector Heaters, Stoves and Flueless Gas Fires.

Leisure:               This covers Gas Pokers, Gas Lights, and Gas Barbeques.

So as our product is CE approved as a ‘Decorative Gas Fire’ it comers under ‘Fires‘ not ‘Leisure’.  To be more precise its a flueless gas fire, so if you can install indoor fires, then you can install our outdoor fires as well.

Choice of Gas

There are two types of burners available, one for Natural Gas, the other for LPG Bottled Gas. (Note, they are NOT interchangeable, so the gas type must be specified at the time of ordering) Please note, there are strict regulations regarding installation of gas appliances, for LPG as well as mains gas. Please consult a registered gas safety engineer BEFORE finalising your design or starting building work We have had customers who have laid concrete patios, only to find the pipe buried underneath is not suitable for our burner.

Natural Gas Burners

Would need to be connected permanently to the house mains supply by a Gas Safety Engineer. This would require running an underground gas pipe from under the burner control box, back to a connection inside the house, preferably near the main meter. We recommend an isolator valve inside the house so the FirePit cannot be operated by anyone unauthorised, such as unsupervised children, or perhaps your neighbours (while you’re away on holiday!)

LPG Gas Burners

You will need a minimum 19kg Propane. These are 80cms high and should NOT be stored within the FirePit structure. Smaller bottles cannot provide the necessary gas flow and tend to freeze up after a short time. LPG bottles MUST be stored upright.
We supply a 4mtr length of LPG hose which means the bottle can be placed some distance from the firepit. However this hose is for above ground use only. It cannot be buried or hidden under decking etc. You can place the bottle further away, but this will need a more permanent underground pipe. There are strict regulations regarding underground LPG pipework so please consult a gas engineer before you finalise your design.

LPG Regulators

There are many types of regulators available and It’s very important to use the correct one. Failure to use the correct regulator could be extremely dangerous.
Our LPG burners require a regulator rated at 4kg with a pressure of 37mbar. These use a screw on connection suitable for a 19kg propane bottle or larger.


If you use a regulator suitable for a blowtorch, (as used by many flat roofing companies), these are rated at 4 bar. They don’t look much different, but they allow 100 TIMES the safe working pressure through to the burner. The valve WILL FAIL at this pressure, and gas will be expelled through the front of the control box and straight towards YOU.

Our FirePit burners are rated at 18kw (Your typical lounge fireplace will be around 4kw)


Gas Type Natural Gas G20 Methane LPG G31 Propane LPG G30 Butane
Appliance Category 12H 13+ 13+
Supply Pressure 20 mbar 37 mbar 28 – 30 mbar
Heat Input 11.5kW – 18kW 9kW – 18kW 9kW – 18kW
Maximum Flow Rate 1.7m³/hr 1.3kg/hr 1.3kg/hr