Built-in Burners for Gas FirePits

Designed to be part of a permanent feature of your landscaping our Gas FirePit Burners are delivered ready to install into your brick or concrete FirePit.  Our burners are manufactured from stainless steel and are completely weatherproof.

Four BrightStar Burner™ Shapes Available

The BrightStar Burner™ produces flames in a star pattern. The result is a very bright natural looking fire as the flames are concentrated towards the centre. The unit has a piezo ignition system (push button) so batteries or mains power not needed. If the flames are extinguished for any reason there is also a flame failure device that cuts the gas supply. The burner has is a solid stainless steel gas valve lever which adjusts the flames and heat output.

There are eight available models, Round, Square, Octagonal or Rectangular configuration, for Natural Gas or LPG Gas. (Please specify when ordering) and each comes complete with enough Lava Rock to cover the burner. (Pit not included. The LPG models also come with a 4m hose and clips ready to connect to your gas bottle regulator.

FirePit Burner – €550 HT
Delivery – €55 HT (France métropolitaine & Monaco)

Standard Connection Length

This is the length of the pipework connecting the burner to its control box. Although these connections are flexible, meaning the control box can be positioned easily in different sized FirePits, there is a maximum limit.

For all standard BrightStar™ burners, the distance from the centre of the burner, to the front face of the control box (Dimension A) measures 575mm This is ideal for FirePits up to 1.2mtrs outside dimension. (Assuming the control box is recessed back into the brickwork slightly)

Longer Connection Length – Additional cost €48 HT

We also offer much longer connections if required. This enables the control box to be positions further away from the burner. With these connections, (Dimension A) measures 1.2mtrs