About Us

About Gas FirePits FR

Gas FirePits FR is a Gas FirePit specialist in France. Our products which have full CE approval have been designed for the UK & European market. The BrightStar Burner™ is engineered and assembled by hand in the UK, which ensures exceptional quality and complete control of the product. This also allows for greater stock control and a prompt delivery service.

CE Approval is mandatory for ALL gas appliances in the UK and Europe.  It means our products have been tested and approved by a government controlled test facility to ensure they are safe, and conform to European standards.  We also have regular audits to ensure compliance.

Gas FirePit burners manufactured in other countries, particularly the US and Canada DO NOT have CE approval and are therefore illegal in Europe.  Also due to differing gas regulations, they may not work, or could be highly dangerous.

We aren’t just selling a product, we offer you a lifestyle. Should you have any difficulty deciding how to best utilise this product we can provide a complete garden design and installation service taking advantage of our extensive knowledge of fire pit design concepts. Every FirePit design is unique, and we are available to help with any questions you may have. We take great pride in offering a high quality premium product and the best possible customer service.